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Our personal injury lawyers can assist you with your accident claims and help you obtain compensation for damages suffered. We take care of all aspects related to your injury, including legal, medical and insurance related matters. As lawyers representing you, it is our role to act in your best interest when you face a period of your life where you are experiencing difficulties due to loss of job, significant medical expenses or a situation of emotional and physical stress. These situations are often difficult to live with, because the opposing party is often represented by insurance companies which use the services of large law firms, which makes claims possible for a plaintiff party difficult.

Given the long-standing reputation of our law firm in this area, we have been selected in particular to assist the families of the victims of the Air India Flight 182 bombing with their claims for damages. We have also been instrumental in helping local workers assert their claims in New York for damage to their health due to the cleaning work undertaken following the collapse of the twin towers during the September 11, 2001 attacks. In the files personal injury, we organize our activities around these 5 areas: catastrophic, serious, significant, minor bodily injury, injuries involving a motor vehicle and those related to work.